About CDF – Croatian Darts Federation

(Last update: March 2016)

CDF member of Croatian Olympic Committee
Sport of darts is present in Croatia since 1992, when the first official competitions started.
Croatian Darts Federation (CDF) in December 2005 was admitted to the membership of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) and since then regularly participates in all activities of the umbrella sports organization in Croatia.

Hrvatski pikado savez se nalazi u članstvu HOO-a od 2005. godine

Croatian Darts Federation is a member of Croatian Olympic Committee since December 2005

The continuous growth in the number of members of the CDF
In the 2004/05 season, CDF had 1,182 registered players and 188 teams that competed in the 8 county darts associations. These figures are in constant growth, and for the current season 2015/16 they are the following:
The number of registered players: 2,544
Number of teams competing: 382
The number of registered clubs: 180
The register of members of CDF in March 2016 had 195 members of which 180 are darts clubs and 15 county darts associations.


Important projects


Faculty of Kinesiology – Expert studies for darts trainers
Croatian Darts Federation in 2012 made a historic step forward for darts sport when it opened the possibility of education for dart coaches at the Study Centre of Coach Education (SCIT) at the Faculty of Kinesiology (KIF), University of Zagreb. This is an undergraduate expert studies for the acquisition of professional qualifications, and those who finish it obtain the title of Bachelor (baccalaureus) coaching profession of darts. The course lasts for three years (or six semesters), and students who successfully master program acquire 180 ECTS credits, which are internationally recognized.
In the academic year 2012/13 the first six students enrolled at SCIT and this year they should complete their studies. They will be the first academic educated dart coaches in the world because we as far as we know there is no some other university program that offers the possibility of acquiring the title of senior sports coach for darts.

Historic first generation of students for darts coaches in front of the Faculty of Kinesiology (University of Zagreb) in 2012

Historic first generation of students for darts coaches in front of the Faculty of Kinesiology (University of Zagreb) in 2012


Online Darts Education – interactive studies
In December 2015, CDF has signed an Agreement on business and scientific cooperation with the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split. Soon, in autumn 2016, it will be possible to take online courses for participants from around the world as there will be courses on Croatian and English language. More information at web.kifst.unist.hr/en/.

Project “1,000 dart machines in 1,000 schools”
Enticed by the program of Croatian Olympic Committee for support of athletes of young ages, CDF has launched a campaign called “1,000 dart machines in 1,000 schools” for what we have received the support of the Agency for Education of the Republic of Croatia. So far CDF has donated a dozen dart machines to schools, and with the help of sponsors and the State sets dart machines in schools.

Publishing of the book DARTS
In June 2014, the CDF has published a book DARTS in which we have summarized all of the knowledge that we have about the sport of darts. This is the first ever book about darts that was made on scientific and research foundations, with the kinesiological and anthropological analysis of sport of darts. A group of authors, including professors from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, made a unique work in which a total of six chapters deal with all the important aspects of sport of darts in a way that has never before been made. The chapters are: Historical development of darts, Structural analysis od darts, Definitions of basic terms and the competition system, Kinesiological analysis of the darts as a kinesiological activity, The science of darts and Fundamentals of sports nutrition.
The book enables for dart players of all ages to easily and efficiently overcome many obstacles that will inevitably come their way. Or to progress much faster and with much less energy consumed than hundreds and thousands of players before them who had to learn from their mistakes because there was no other way. In the book you can find answers to many questions that plague those who play darts, whether for beginners who for the first time took an dart in their hand, or the experienced players and professionals.
In June 2015 the publication in English was published, and editions in German and Italian are being finalized.

Live streaming of the tournaments
Since April 2007, thanks to the company CYBERDINE, the main sponsor of the CDF, all major dart tournaments in Croatia and Europe can be followed live via the web stream on the Internet. Tournaments can be followed on the official website of EDU (www.edu-dart.eu) and on the website of CDF (www.hps-dart.hr).

Project, learning mathematics with the help of darts games
In progress

Project health and the positive impact of playing darts in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the elderly
In progress

Dart tournaments organization for senior citizens and for the deaf & blind persons
CDF regularly helps borrowing equipment and dart machines, and the help of experts in organizing and implementing the events to the organizations such as associations of senior citizens, associations of deaf and blind persons, etc.

The organization of international competitions
CDF stands out for its organizational skills and is, in this segment, among the market leaders in Europe. In cooperation with its main sponsor, the company CYBERDINE Ltd. Zagreb, CDF has so far hosted and organized five major international competitions under the auspices of the EDU and IDF:
2001 – European Championship in Porec
2006 – European Championship in Umag
2009 – World and European Championships in Zadar
2014 – European Championship in Porec
2015 – World and European Championships in Porec
It should be added that in June 2016 for the third year in a row the European Championship will be held in Porec, in the Sports Hall Žatika. CDF also organizes an annual National EDU Ranking, an international tournament for players from all over Europe, and this year it will be held in Slavonski Brod on May 6.
The company CYBERDINE Ltd. is one of the best and most famous manufacturers of electronic darts machines in the world. They have developed a unique software for managing tournaments, system for registering of players to the tournaments via terminals and also monitors for showing the results.

Darts Magazine
From January 2003 CDF issued its official publication, magazine Darts that is published every two months. The magazine is printed in 2,000 copies and thanks to the sponsors distributed for free to all county darts associations and clubs as well as the addresses of all the merits of sports institutions such as COC, Sports Union of the City of Zagreb, and so on. In accordance with modern trends the printed edition of the magazine recently has been replaced with online edition on the official website of CDF and also information on our Facebook page.

Competition system

National competition
League competitions are organized in each of the 15 county dart associations in three leagues (First, Second and Third division) in the men’s competition, while biggest counties have a separate women’s division. Also Cup competitions are organized in each county.
Top teams from these regional competitions are entitled to participate at the final national competitions organized by the CDF.
Each season CDF organizes the Croatian Team Championship, Croatian Singles Championship, the Cup final tournament and the Croatian Masters series.

International competitions
CDF is a full member of the International Darts Federation (IDF) since June 2007. Much longer, since February 1999, CDF is a full member of the European Union darts (EDU). All players who have a members od the CDF are entitled to participate in all competitions organized by IDF and EDU.
World Championships are organized by the IDF and held every odd year. The historic first World Championship organized by the IDF was held in June 2009 in Zadar, Croatia with the participation of about 3,000 dart players from three continents – Europe, North America and Asia. The second World Championship was held in 2011 in Benidorm (Spain), third in Shanghai in 2013 and fourth in 2015 in Porec.
World Cup is also organized by the IDF, and the first edition was held in December 2010 in Shanghai and hosted by the Chinese Darts Association (CDA). It is held every years.
European Championships are organized by the EDU and held every year. The last three editions of the Europan Championships (including the 2016 edition) are held in Porec, Croatia.
European Masters Series (EDU Ranking) consists of three tournaments in singles competition during the season in various European cities, and is also organizing by the EDU. Players on the basis of their results collect points for the EDU list and at the end of the season declared the overall winners of the European Masters Series.

The biggest sport achievements
Generaly speaking, darts is one of the most successful Croatian sports. Since 1999, when the CDF joined the EDU, our athletes won a total of 86 medals at major international competitions. So in 17 years (1999-2015) they have won 86 medals.
– 14 medals at the World Championships (7 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze)
– 56 medals at the European Championships (27 gold, 17 silver, 12 bronze)
– 5 medals at the World Cups (1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze)
– 11 medals at the European Cups (4 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze)
Our athletes have been particularly successful in the past seven years, from 2009 to 2015. In that period they have won a total of 58 medals. It should be mentioned that 28 of those are gold medals, along with 15 silver and bronze medals each.

The most prominent athletes
Boris Krcmar ranks among the world’s biggest stars of electronic darts. It is enough to say that four World Championships were held so far, and he won gold medals at singles competition at all four. He also has four European championship titles and one vice-champion. Since he has appeared Men’s National Team of Croatian totally dominated the European scene when it comes to electronic darts – at the last nine European Championships (since 2007) every time they advanced to the finals winning six titles of European champions.
Together with Krcmar backbone of the national team now consists of experienced veterans Vladimir Lesic and Zdravko Antunovic, while Alan Ljubic is upcoming star.
Croatia also has great female darters. Maja Cuzic was European champion in 2004 in Hamburg, and together with Tanja Peric and Ivana Cavar she led the Women’s National Team to the 2002 and 2004 European Championship titles, and the bronze medal in 2005. Biggest name today is Vlatka Lesic which is among the best players in Europe.
We are especially proud of the fact that the Croatian Junior National Team last year in Porec won silver medal at the World Championship, and also bronze medal at the European Championship.

Other awards
At the 2010 Croatian Olympic Committee award presentation darts had three nominations in four major categories: Boris Krcmar was nominated in the category for best athlete, Men’s National Darts Team to the most successful men’s team and Women’s National Darts Team for the most successful women’s team. At the 2009 COC award presentation Boris Krcmar and Men’s National Darts Team also were nominated.
Women’s National Darts Team won fifth place at the 2004 Sportske Novosti (the only specialized sports newspapers in Croatia) award presentation for the best women’s team.
We are especially proud of Kreso Kranjcina, our long time national team player, who in 2014 won the trophy for fair play in the annual selection of Sportske Novosti.


Croatian Darts Federation (Hrvatski pikado savez)
Avenija Dubrava 238
10040 Zagreb

Tel/fax: +385 / 1 / 299-4476
E-mail: hps@hps-dart.hr
Web: www.hps-dart.hr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hpsdart
VAT: 14018707824

Contact person:
Zeljko Dodo, gsm: +385 / 98 / 9829-602, e-mail: zeljko.dodo@gmail.com

Bank details
Erste & Steiermärkische Bank
Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
IBAN: HR2724020061100629151

CDF authorities

President: Mate Vukoja (e-mail: mate@cyberdine.hr)
Vicepresident: Željko Đođo
General Secretary: Darko Plazek (e-mail: tajnik@hps-dart.hr)

Executive Board
Supervisory Board
Coordinator for women in sports within the COC
Disciplinary-Competitive Commission
The Anti-Doping Commission